Monday, January 31, 2011

Heat, wall and more warpage

So the past two days have been 42 degrees plus which is taking it's toll, both in time and the integrity of the timber. I've barely been outside to do much at all, perhaps 45 minutes each day at most. Timber is warping every which way, which is a tad upsetting. I have several planks in the pool hoping they can be salvaged somewhat, but I'm not confident. Two of the remaining corner posts are now bending, so I'll have to take them apart and see what I can do. 

Beginner's tip: Don't buy the cheapest timber available and don't do anything in uber-heat. If I had managed to seal them first with paint the moisture loss would have been less. 

Warpage is less evident in the wall until I fitted it to the box frame. The cross pieces started to lift after one more day in 42 degree heat. One warped so badly it tore a strip off the plywood backing. The photos make it look better than it is.

So this is as far as I have got, one wall, the doors, the base and four uprights. I have to redo at least two of the uprights and you may be able to see the wall is warping too. I may try to salvage it by bolting the wall to steel cross braces. This looks okay in the photo but you can see the bend in the far left and far right uprights.

LOTS of sanding and filling to do. 

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