Sunday, January 23, 2011

Build day two - the corner posts

I thought I'd better mention that I found on the net some while ago a PDF booklet of the 'Tardis Builder's Guide.' This is a basic how to build a TARDIS although it lacks any measurements and doesn't go into much detail with a lot of the components. So I'm not actually making this up as I go, I am using some references.

Today I sanded and refilled the floor, which I think is pretty much done. It needs to be sealed, so I have some really nasty white exterior paint here I'll use as a sealer. 'Nasty' meaning this stuff is almost like liquid plastic and I always feel sick after using it. Maybe tomorrow night depending how late I have to work. Most likely at some stage on Wednesday.

Today I went to Bunnings and bought some timber for the corner posts. This timber is plain untreated pine, which is pretty reasonably priced. Alas there's nothing 1 inch in depth. 19mm is the standard plank depth (which is 3/4 of an inch) and all my calculations were based on a one inch depth. Everything is in inches for this thing which gets a bit confusing calculating everything into mm. And naturally when I was at Bunnings I forgot my tape measure and even my pen (me without a pen is unheard of) so I had to borrow these items from the amused gatekeeper at the trade entrance. Anyway, calculations were done and I bought varying widths to create my corner posts.

Long story short, the corners are built up in layers. It's a fair bit lighter than buying actual pillars and cutting out a notch and really it only has to support a maybe 30 kilograms in total. This is corner post number one completed.

All corner posts are done. They are actually straight that right one looks bent, but that's just an illusion with the photo. They are all 2197mm tall, which again sounds weird, but that's actually 86.5 inches. Yes 86.5 inches sounds weird too but with the decorative block that goes on top it becomes an even 90 inches.
Here's what I was saying about layers. The blue bits are where I want to insert 15mm rounded corner bits like they use for cornices, but unfortunately they only make 15mm ones in Tasmanian oak, which is gorramn expensive for something like this. Regular pine crap only comes in 12mm or 19mm. I might buy 19mm and cut them down, but my finances are stretched at the moment anyway.

So that's where it's up to. Currently on track, I have some filling and sanding to do on the corner posts, lots of screw holes to cover. Painting all these parts before assembly will ensure that no corner or edge gets exposed to the weather. And my finances are depleted so no more parts for a few days. And I ran out of screws too.

I may need to hire a truck to transport this thing.

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  1. Hi Symon, I wrote the TARDIS Builder's Manual (years ago, currentyyl working slowly on an update) and have just come across your build. Great job mate, you must be really proud! Fantastic Cyberman in those pics too, wonder where they got their costume?

    Anyway, jsut wanted to say well done, you're one of very few of us on this side of the world with a fullsize TARDIS, the only question you shouddl have is "what next??" :)

    PS: And you're a librarian? Me too!