Friday, January 28, 2011

Build day whatever - doors and warpage

I'm giving up on naming each post as Build Day XX, as the past two days I've done maybe 2.5 hours work of work, which hardly qualifies as a 'day' of building. Work always gets in the way of doing important stuff.

So warp factor (okay that was going to be a stupid Trek pun) is pretty high on some of my long planks, I find it difficult to believe that only a few days I thought they were okay so I used them for the corner posts. All of the corner posts have a slight warp or bend to them, hardly noticeable except for the front right one which is ridiculously bent. You might remember in the first or second post that I thought it was an optical illusion? Well it wasn't.

So I took down one of the posts and pulled it apart to find that the warpage is so bad that two of the planks are now firewood. The other two I soaked in the pool and now have bricks on them so hopefully in the heat of the next couple days they'll straighten a bit and end up being salvageable. Alas I must go back to Bunnings and collect another plank or two.

But good news is the main doors are done! Almost perfectly square it means that the box is now resembling what it is supposed to! Lots of filling and sanding still required as my mitre cutting is a little amateur. Paint will probably cover up much of that too, or make it more noticeable.

So doors kind of in place. They are sort of just leaning there whilst I quickly took a picture before they fell down. Could really use a right side corner post here! Maybe tomorrow I'll get it fixed, although I think progress over the next week or so will be slow given the few days of heat we are about to endure.

Sawdust is getting everywhere, all over the back porch my car and now I'm finding it in the house. 

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