Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Build day three - walls

Well what do you do when family are over for Australia Day barbie? You get them to help you with your TARDIS of course. We actually got a fair amount done even though we didn't start until well after lunch.

Had to take another trip to Bunnings for more wood, but hopefully thats it for the time being, I should have enough now until it's time for the roof. Now Stratco is actually my preferred hardware store, somewhat better quality and range, but when I compare $42 for a sheet of ply at Stratco compared with $16 at Bunnings, there's no contest in the timber department.

Anyway the pictures don't show a lot of progress as it was mainly cutting lengths and making a mitre in the edges of several planks to make the framework of the doors and walls. We also cut the plywood for the doors and wall backing.

To cut and fit the walls it was necessary to put the uprights in, so finally it's beginning to resemble something box like. The struts right at the top are just garbage offcuts to hold the shape. I had a revelation about fitting the side walls and permanently mounting them to the uprights so they dismantle in one piece which sound like it should work.

Most of the day was spent cutting these to length and putting the mitred edge in, These are the door and wall uprights. There's 16 in total.

The first door panel, I'm yet to glue and screw the uprights in but you get the picture. The background colour on this photo kinda looks like the colour I want to paint the TARDIS, alas it's an illusion and is actually dark grey. My camera just does funny things in poor light. 

SO hopefully over the next few nights I can attach the uprights to my backings and have some walls and doors completed.

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