Saturday, May 16, 2015

Adelaide Oval

Earlier this year I was contacted by a gentleman from Stratco, about the TARDIS making an appearance at their staff awards night. He'd seen it at the wedding some months earlier and tracked me down.

The awards night was held in the Ian Mclachlan room, one of those swanky reception areas often used for corporate events or wedding receptions overlooking the oval itself.

Great location but a nightmare to unload and set-up. Not to mention the 11.30pm collection time. With the number of trips back and forth, thankfully they had a freight elevator, it was a late night.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Roll on 2015 - Noarlunga Library visit

No rest for the TARDIS, we're just over a week into 2015 and the phonebox was on the move yet again. After a super hot week, with the very unpopular bushfire coming to within 5km of the TARDIS at home, followed by a couple days of constant downpour, I'm sure the TARDIS was happy to be transported somewhere indoors for a while!

Libraries in SA that participate in the Summer Reading Club often have events and programs based on the broad theme. This year's theme is 'Choose your own adventure' and what better way to encapsulate that with Doctor Who and his TARDIS? Onkaparinga Library Service's Noarlunga branch hired the TARDIS in January taking pride of place on the Library's ground floor.
(It's actually still there for another 7 days when this post was published.)

As previously mentioned, there are plans in place for a replacement TARDIS. Every outing causes further cosmetic and sometimes structural damage, and the wear is really starting to show. Check out the Where's the TARDIS? Facebook page for all of the details regarding repairs and what's coming next.

All things going to plan, this version may go out once or twice more before being semi-retired.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


The third annual Supanova Pop Culture Expo came to Adelaide in late November. Supanova have a different hiring agreement to most pop-culture conventions, so normally the TARDIS doesn't appear for this particular convention. 

This year was a little different as my Victorian counterpart The Tardis Guy had hired a standard artists stall to display his wares. He makes a lot of different props, mainly Marvel props, so check out his FB site for all his goodies. 

Rather than cart his TARDIS prop across from Melbourne, mine acted as a stand in. Great convention, although the ridiculously humid and hot weather on day one, made it a little flat.

The TARDIS Guy also brought half of the Avengers with him, so we had a very popular stand.

The TARDIS was hugely popular with the fans, young and old and the quality of cosplay was incredible. This group of modern Who cosplayers was spot on and incredibly impressive.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Gawler Village Fair part 2

In the previous post I totally failed to actually talk about the Fair!

So the next week, on November 1 the TARDIS was put up in Pioneer Park, former site of Gawler cemetery and now home to the Rotary Village Fair, Dawn Service, and so on.

The weather was miserable (the photo doesn't show it), but it was cold, extremely windy and threatened to rain the whole morning. Still, there was a few sunny periods so many people were able to enjoy the Fair. I'm quite glad it weighs over 100kg otherwise I'd have been a little worried about the wind.

Apart from the picture above I didn't take any photos on the day, but here's one somebody posted on the Where's the TARDIS Facebook page.

No Seventh Doctor this time, so grabbed my Ten costume to fill in. Man I need a wig.

Gawler Village Fair

Gawler Village Fair has been going for decades. I actually grew up in that town, so I remember it fondly as a kid, back when you could still call the town a 'country town' and not the extension of urban sprawl or dormitory for city workers it's now become.

To promote the Village fair the TARDIS was erected the week prior to do a little street standing out front of the Town Hall / Library. It got quite the reaction, especially after being posted to the Gawler Library Facebook page.

Here we are set up out front of the Library.

It got an amazing amount of social media feedback getting shared around like never before. Go Gawler!

Once again Seventh doctor costumer Ben came to add some ambience.

Amazing changes in colour depending on perspective and camera.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Of Weddings and Ports

It's been a hectic couple of months for the TARDIS!

The South Parklands - great location

Over half the attendees got into the spirit of
the day, cosplaying a variety of characters
After the floor rebuild, it went straight back on duty featuring in it's first wedding!

A very geeky affair, it stood as the backdrop as a pair of lovely nerds agreed to the terms and conditions of marriage.

Adelaide's South Parklands turned out to be in perfect condition, as was the weather, and with ample parking right out front. A absolute must given how unwieldy the TARDIS is to transport.

Following the wedding we'd decided to continue TARDISing that day with a trip down to Port Adelaide's historic wool packing area for some photos.

The location and lighting couldn't have been better! Crozier street has some glorious rustic buildings from the late 19th century which formed the perfect backdrop. 

Seventh Doctor costumer Ben came along for some laughs, posing as the Doctor with the TARDIS and popping out to surprise passers by. The bus driver's reaction was gold.

You can see the rest of the photos over on the TARDIS Facebook page

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's new floor day!

As mentioned previously the floor has copped a beating from four Winters outside, especially given the main panel is made from MDF. MDF is like a sponge when it gets wet, it soaks up water, expands and goes all... fluffy. Essentially makes it useless.

Why I made it from MDF to begin with is a good question, to which I have no real answer except maybe poor forethought. That being said I had no idea the TARDIS would live the life it does now. I had expected it would either live in pieces in the shed between outings or simply be sold after the it's original purpose, being the ACG Ball in 2011.

Anyway, it's going to a wedding this weekend and then likely Supanova in November, so a brand new floor is urgently required!

As you can see below the floor has rotted pretty badly in the corners.


The outer frame is ready. The inner frame is yet to be attached. This time I'm using Contruction Ply for the floor.