Friday, January 21, 2011

The beginning continued

Okay so I didn't finish the last post, which one am I doing?

I'm a child of the 80's and Peter Davison (5th) was my doctor. I really liked Pertwee too, Tom Baker was cool, but I don't really understand why everyone loves him so much. (Ask Sophia Aldred to tell you the story of Tom Baker and his grocery shopping - weird-o-rama) I really like Smith these days too. Never saw Troughton or McCoy but I'm slowly rectifying that.

Anyway I grew up with the 1980's box, the Tom Yardley Jones prop (TYJ) so that's my ideal box. It also helps that some dimensions were leaked on the net as to the measurements for this one, and also incidentally for the original gigantic 1963 prop, so I have a starting point for sizing. The BBC, in a Luscasfilm kind of way won't let out dimensions for the props, they turn a blind eye to fans making them, but wont actually help you in anyway. So that's the plan, a box based primarily on the TYJ style or the 80's.

But I hate the blue 'Police Box' sign! So I'll try to do the 1996 film version of the sign which is white on black. The 'Hudolin' box as it's called. This box is ridiculously close to the TYJ box so it'll probably pass as that prop too.

Blue sign

Black sign (follow this guy's build on the RPF)

Anyway as I'm a close-enough is good enough kind of person when it comes to screen-accuracy, die hard fans will nitpick a variety of things wrong anyway. Whatever, so be it.

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