Friday, January 21, 2011

The beginning

So I want to build a TARDIS. Why the hell not? The original plan was to have it for the ACG ball in 2011 as myself an a few others are doing a bit of a Doctor Who theme for our costumes and thought it would be an appropriate prop/backdrop. Plus there's nothing particularly interesting to have photos with at NACC hall. Just those old double doors to the Library which appear in probably 50%* of costumed photos on my hard drive.

So which to do? To the non-fan, there is one TARDIS, but alas there are no less than 8 different types throughout the 40 years of Dr Who!
As you can see here, these are the main types through the show's run. (there are a few others that have minor differences.)

You can see a write up on them all here. The most recognisable would be that of the new show. In 2005 a new blockier, larger TARDIS was built, which is pretty, but to me it resembles a wardrobe. The Matt Smith series had yet another one built with the same dimensions but a few differences, mainly colour, window frames and other cosmetic things. The St John symbol returned to the door, which hasn't been seen since Hartnell was the man.

*I tend to exaggerate. 80% of my statistics I just make up when I need.

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