Saturday, November 29, 2014


The third annual Supanova Pop Culture Expo came to Adelaide in late November. Supanova have a different hiring agreement to most pop-culture conventions, so normally the TARDIS doesn't appear for this particular convention. 

This year was a little different as my Victorian counterpart The Tardis Guy had hired a standard artists stall to display his wares. He makes a lot of different props, mainly Marvel props, so check out his FB site for all his goodies. 

Rather than cart his TARDIS prop across from Melbourne, mine acted as a stand in. Great convention, although the ridiculously humid and hot weather on day one, made it a little flat.

The TARDIS Guy also brought half of the Avengers with him, so we had a very popular stand.

The TARDIS was hugely popular with the fans, young and old and the quality of cosplay was incredible. This group of modern Who cosplayers was spot on and incredibly impressive.

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