Friday, January 9, 2015

Roll on 2015 - Noarlunga Library visit

No rest for the TARDIS, we're just over a week into 2015 and the phonebox was on the move yet again. After a super hot week, with the very unpopular bushfire coming to within 5km of the TARDIS at home, followed by a couple days of constant downpour, I'm sure the TARDIS was happy to be transported somewhere indoors for a while!

Libraries in SA that participate in the Summer Reading Club often have events and programs based on the broad theme. This year's theme is 'Choose your own adventure' and what better way to encapsulate that with Doctor Who and his TARDIS? Onkaparinga Library Service's Noarlunga branch hired the TARDIS in January taking pride of place on the Library's ground floor.
(It's actually still there for another 7 days when this post was published.)

As previously mentioned, there are plans in place for a replacement TARDIS. Every outing causes further cosmetic and sometimes structural damage, and the wear is really starting to show. Check out the Where's the TARDIS? Facebook page for all of the details regarding repairs and what's coming next.

All things going to plan, this version may go out once or twice more before being semi-retired.

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