Monday, November 3, 2014

Gawler Village Fair part 2

In the previous post I totally failed to actually talk about the Fair!

So the next week, on November 1 the TARDIS was put up in Pioneer Park, former site of Gawler cemetery and now home to the Rotary Village Fair, Dawn Service, and so on.

The weather was miserable (the photo doesn't show it), but it was cold, extremely windy and threatened to rain the whole morning. Still, there was a few sunny periods so many people were able to enjoy the Fair. I'm quite glad it weighs over 100kg otherwise I'd have been a little worried about the wind.

Apart from the picture above I didn't take any photos on the day, but here's one somebody posted on the Where's the TARDIS Facebook page.

No Seventh Doctor this time, so grabbed my Ten costume to fill in. Man I need a wig.

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