Friday, March 21, 2014

A little catching up

The TARDIS blog has been a little quiet lately, since the creation of the Facebook Page. You can check out Where's the TARDIS on Facebook.

The last outing posted was Oz Comic Con in 2012, a massive event that was ridiculously popular, beating out both Armageddon and Supanova conventions for sheer volume of people. I guess the benefit of a clever and controversial name tie-in (see the article here) coupled with some heavy radio TV and print advertising.

They certainly demonstrated there was a demand, as for their second year they scored William Shatner and Richard Dean Anderson as guests. To top that, this year they have Benedict Cumberbatch! Current massive stars who are continually employed doing conventions is almost unheard of in Australia.

Anyway, here's a few photos of some events the TARDIS has appeared at in the past couple of years.

In 2013 The TARDIS was hired for The inaugural Preachr's Podcast Live! event as part for the Fringe Festival. Featuring Benjamin Maio McKay and Melbourne comedian Rob Lloyd, it was a popular show with a sellout crowd. Seen here is Ben, my usual TARDIS transportation assistant in his awesome 7th Doctor Outfit.

With such a great response that we went back in 2014 for double the shows!

You can see the full crew here as our favourite doctors. Well, apart from Rob who dresses like 10 given the resemblance rather than the appreciation.

A few weeks following the Fringe event, and sporting a new coat of paint, The TARDIS appeared once again for Oz Comic Con 2013. Again it was hugely popular convention, however multiple outings were staring to take it's toll on the old phone box. It suffered some significant door damage in transport and the warpage factor (see previous) still reared it's head with the doors no longer lining up. To fix this I installed two strips of angle iron reinforcement down the sides of both doors which greatly improved the alignment.

Local cosplayer Jen appears with the TARDIS at Oz Comic Con 2013.

Following yet another super-successful event, the TARDIS weathered a pretty rough Winter as far as Adelaide goes. It does live outside but has a roof over it, yet this doesn't stop the sides receiving a drenching in heavy downpours.  As such, rot had set it when it was dismantled again in late 2013 for the Australian Costumers Guild Quiz Night. More on that later...

Photos by Ben Todd, myself and Catherine Scholz

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