Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oz Comic Con

The inaugural Oz Comic Con hit Adelaide last weekend and the TARDIS was asked to attend. Well actually it was offered by the Australian Costumers Guild in kind for some stall space. I think we got the better end of the deal as the stall space we scored (4 bays) costs well over  a grand.

The TARDIS had prime position next to the photo booth just like at Armageddon and was used as the backdrop for literally thousands of photos. This year I installed the sound and light device as built last year for the ACG Ball and this time I had it set up so it be activated by remote control.

Special thanks to Eman once again for the excellent photos. You can check out lots of his excellent events photos on his FB page.
The TARDIS came home with many lipstick marks on it.The thing got some action that weekend!


  1. Hi there Merrick. Very impressive Tardis build. I'm currently building a Tardis DVD/bookshelf and would love to chat to you. Could you email me? Cheers, Chris. Email:

  2. Hi Merrick
    I'm the owner of Preachrs Podcast ( a podcast about drwho) we are doing a live fringe show next year and I was wondering if we could borrow/hire your TARDIS. We are in Adelaide so there is no problem of meeting. RIAUS (and Rob Lloyd who is in our show) told me to contact you through here, so if you could email at that would be fantastic. Many thanks
    Benjamin Maio Mackay

  3. Hi Merrick,
    Could you contact me on re a possible hire.