Friday, March 21, 2014

The Australian Costumers Guild SA Quiz Night

The final hurrah for Merrick and Toddi, our final SA ACG Quiz Night went off, bigger an better than ever in November 2013. Every year features a specific theme, and what a better theme for 2013 than 50 Years of our favourite doctor (wait..what?)

Donning 5 and 7 costumes once more, and with the help of our good friend and photographer Eman as 10, we quizzed our way through 8 rounds of general knowledge and geeky trivia. Of course it's not a Whovian event with the TARDIS.

You may recall the awful video I made of the sound chip device. That same device has an input audio jack, so I can actually play whatever I like through the TARDIS speaker system, not just Tardis-y noise.

Here's a video of classic 80s Public Enemy rocking it from the box.

Here's a small range of the Who related costumes on show that night. A small portion of the 150+ through the door.

Photo courtesy of David Ruwoldt. Video by Ben Todd.

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