Thursday, February 23, 2012

RiAus Fringe Event

In late January one of the folks from RiAus, or Royal Institution of Australia contacted me about their upcoming Fringe Festival event and wanted to see if they could secure the use of the TARDIS for a weekend. After a bit of to-and-fro we locked down an install on the Friday and take down the following Monday.

TARDIS set up in the RiAus auditorium
Friday rolled around and naturally it's 39 degrees and extremely hot. The Science Exchange (where RiAus is housed) is not an easy location to get a vehicle and we were pounced on by a parking inspector pretty quickly. We convinced him not to book us unless we were still there upon his return, which fortunately we weren't, having unloaded and backed out in time. I had to park quite a distance away however.

TARDIS install went together pretty well. Some scuffing of the paint work and one tiny broken piece of MDF and it was up. Apparently the host of the show is an avid Who fan and doesn't know that it's coming. It should be a good night!

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