Friday, February 11, 2011


Slow progress of late, been a little busy with normal life and now I'm sick with a cold, so not much will be happening for a while.

Latest update is three of the signboxes are roughly done, they still need endcapping and to have the actual signs made up, but the general concept is there. The basic shape is pretty straightforward. I had originally planned to shape the cut outs around the corner posts, but the gaps are pretty much hidden anyway so I didn't bother.

Just a close up. This was the part I had planned to shape. I did it on one of them, but totally unnecessary. Now the actual 'Police Box' signs I want to be printed in adhesive vinyl and stuck to sheets of white perspex. Alas there's no sign shops locally so I may have to go down the other side of town to Kwikstripe or something. I may see if the Council depot sign shop will give it a shot for me first.

So the front showing where I'm up to. I'm really hoping the slight lean is due to the fact that it's being built on the back verandah which has maybe a 5 degree slope to it. Eh whatever, it's not being built to win a competition. Looking at the actual prop from the 80's and I can see that Tardis is pretty rough in places too. It had probably been dropped a hundred times during production. Only the latest series ones are perfectly square and straight. 

So the remaining major construction is the roof and the windows. Then there's just a lot of filling, sanding, adjusting, putting in signs, the phone panel, castors and painting. Okay still a fair bit to go. I'll have to move it soon as you can see it's almost to the roof of the verandah.

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