Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Roof

In my awe of the stupendous step making that phone panel, I forgot to mention the petty little part I did make whilst coming down with manflu, the roof!

The roof is in two parts, I guess because it's easier to transport? I have no idea - that's what they guy whose notes I'm using as a guide did, so I did it too. Mine's loads different however, that other guy went the extra yard to make all the inside framework all shiny. I think mine fits together a little more sturdier anyway. It avoids any issues with future warping too as it's reinforced a few times. Actually I think I just answered the question, with all the reinforcing the roof would be too darn heavy in once piece to put on top!

Anyway, here's part one. A two stepped square frame. Exciting huh? It will have little cross pieces of the corner pillars mounted on it. I'll explain better when I makes them and stick them on. Lots of filling and sanding here, I used up my larger offcuts. I'm pleased to say I managed to use all the planks I bought, even the warped ones by cutting them into smaller usable pieces.

Roof Part Two. This part fits inside part one sitting on those corner struts. The box in the centre is the lamp platform. I have yet to find a lamp, I think a day soon will be dedicated to finding something suitable. Yes the box in the centre isn't exactly square. I plan to sand it square enough. It's only out by 5mm. I'm actually pretty happy that everything has turned out square to within a 10mm tolerance. Again loads of sanding and filling. That open bit has another piece on it now.

Here's what it looks like thus far with the roof stage one fitted and the doors aligned, and phone panel installed. I'd like to take a photo with roof stage two on, but alas this is almost touching the roof of the porch already so I may have to move it out to the back yard first.

Windows are next and the door lock, castors for the floor and then paint!

Oh and the dang lantern. It's supposed to look like this ----------------->

No idea where to get that in a hurry. I may opt for the cheap shop mozzie lamp that the 2005 series TARDIS used.

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