Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Phone Panel

So I felt a little better today after fighting off the man flu for the past 5 days so I managed to take some photos in the fading daylight rather than night time as I have been of late. Still haven't made alot* of progress as I've only felt like doing a little sanding and filling. I did , however make the phone box panel. You know the panel that says 'Police telephone, free for use of public etc etc.'

Anyway here's a picture of the correct version of the sign, which I believe is being made up right as I type this (give or take a couple hours). 

*Edit - I didn't end up using this one after all. The sign guy ended up being a bit of a pain, so I had a local sticker-maker make one up based on one from The Tardis Builders forum. (Sorry - don't remember who to credit!)

This sign then gets stuck on this panel I made. Pretty simple stuff, four pieces of wood borders two sheets of plywood with some hinges and a handle screwed on. The panel opens too, it's held closed with a magnetic catch. Pretty bodgy job with the catch at present, but it's just to hold the flap shut for now. Eventually I'll get around to making the actual cabinet in the recess and put an old phone in there.

The panel open. As mentioned this will be another box with a phone sitting here eventually.

Here's a picture of the phone cabinet on a toy, but you get the idea of what I plan to do.

I can't believe this whole post is about the phone panel.

* for Emma and Ainsley :)

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