Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dismantling again...

As mentioned in previous posts, and moreso over on the Facebook page the old Phone Box has taken quite a beating. It's been dismantled and rebuilt for events around 25 times and spends the lengthy time between events (especially during Winter) outside in the weather. Now it does have a roof over it, but this just keeps rain from falling directly on it, not from splashing up off the ground. As hindsight is always 20/20, the idea to make the floorplate out of MDF was ridiculous and has soaked up months of moisture. A temporary base rebuild occurred in 2013 but didn't hold and today she came apart for a final floorplate replacement in a more weather proof material.

Temporary storage in the shed whilst the floorplate is rebuilt.. I need a bigger shed.

I'm on a schedule though as the next and possibly final outing for the Davison/Baker/McCoy/MCGann box is a wedding in 12 days time! Better get cracking on that floor.

Notice how I mentioned the final outing for this box?
I'm considering retiring this one, after a fresh coat of paint and copious amounts of weatherproof clear sealant, to becoming a permanent backyard resident.

Next on the plan is the 'wardrobe' (See the original post back in January 2011) a Capaldi era TARDIS is next, that will be much easier to assemble and disassemble, hopefully requiring less muscle to transport. This one will live disassembled in the shed between events.

Watch this space...

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